Drake Highlander Stories
Get Ready For Adventure!
Book 2 - The Sequel!

What NOT to Do When They Take Your Spaceship (Coming Soon!)

While racing to find the lost talisman, Enervarod, before the Galactic Goblins get their claws on it, Angel is ambushed by a Goblin horde and desperately calls on her Loremaster for help.

But Tommy is stuck on Earth, certain his spaceship is locked away in a government facility, and can't convince anyone, not even Muggie, to help him get it back.

Worse, someone's ruining his new comic book drawings with scribbles that hold clues he doesn't understand. Is it the ghost of his ugly old alien dog, Cujo, or the mysterious visitor so fearsome that even the big brute Mitch screams in fright?   

How will Tommy reach Angel - the last Elf of Light and the only hope for the Space Elves - before the Goblin King snuffs her out?

Tommy and Muggie on Crystal Mountain