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Preview: What NOT to Do When You Find a Spaceship

From Chapter 2: Don't Tell Your Friends

Mitch confronts TommyHiding behind a tree, Tommy took a cautious look around. His heart sank as he realized that Mitch had the others digging in the same hole Cujo had started the night before. It looked like they’d found a smooth silver sphere the size of a small car.


“What is that?” Muggie whispered.


“I don’t know,” Tommy whispered back, his heart pounding. “Whatever it is, I think it’s what Cujo was trying to dig up.”


“I want a closer look,” said Muggie, stepping out of their hiding place and down into the ravine before Tommy could stop her. “Hey, Rambo! What’s in the ditch?”


Mitch stared at her for several seconds, his mouth hanging open.


“Hey there, Muggie,” said Chuckey.


Scott leaned on his shovel. “I told you Danny would rat on us.”


“Muggie?” Mitch said finally. “Aren’t you a little overdressed for the woods? Why don’t you run along and get your nails done or whatever you do. Me and my men have work to do.”


“Not to question your military intelligence,” said Muggie, “but you know, that could be a bomb.”


Chuckey dropped his shovel and clambered out of the hole.


“Keep digging, Private,” ordered Mitch. “We’ll take a break when we reach halfway. We’re almost there. First, I wanna see how strong this thing is.” He leaped to the top of the sphere with a pickaxe in hand and prepared to take a swing.


“Wait!” yelled Tommy, giving up his sanctuary. “You might wreck it.”