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The Travelers Club and the Dragon's Eye


   Professor Loris Grundo, High Mage of Wizardry, didn't expect seventh grader Tori Greene to burst into his classroom and disrupt his chronoportation spell, a powerful feat of magic designed to take his after school history club on one of their secret field trips. Instead of speeding back through time to the Klondike Gold Rush, the misfired spell lands the Travelers Club in the Valley of Eoña, a medieval world from which the old wizard lacks the power to escape.

   For Tori, it means she's responsible for stranding her teacher and her friends—including Jake Rowen—in a land trolled by beasts and bloodknights. Their only hope is to steal the Dragon's Eye from the mad sorcerer, Maldor D'Grath, and use the talisman's magic to send them home. But their plan is doomed from the start, not because they have to face an angry red dragon and an army of rock trolls, but because Jake refuses to leave Eoña, making it nearly impossible to reverse the spell. Jake has learned that he bears a striking resemblance to the long lost Prince Shimamura and may actually be the true heir to the throne.

   In the final hours of their quest, he must choose between helping his friends or saving Eoña from the clutches of Emperor D'Grath. And Tori must decide whether to use her newfound talent for magic to force Jake to cooperate, or leave the boy she loves behind.


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