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  • Ringo Patterson is Out of This World (Space Adventure!)
    A bizarre looking boy shunned by everyone in junior high – even the teachers – is whisked away by a band of runaway alien children who have bug eyes and pointed ears just like him. But to win their friendship, he must embrace their unscrupulous tactics and help these Spaceaways in a battle against their arch enemies – their parents.


  • The Travelers Club and the Dragon’s Eye (Southern Illinois meets medieval fantasy)
    Bent on exposing her junior high teacher and his after school history club as a sham, Tori Green bursts into one of their secret meetings, disrupting their magic and sending herself and the Travelers Club careening into a nightmarish world trolled by beasts and bloodknights. But don’t blame her. The club’s reluctant new member, Jake Rowen, is the one who refuses to return to Earth, making it impossible to reverse the botched spell. Now getting home will take more than just stealing a dangerous talisman from a mad sorcerer. Tori must force the stubborn, yet adorable, boy to comply, even if it means revealing her secret.


Story Concepts:

  • My Life Bites – A boy who hates himself as much as the bullies who terrify him fulfills his dream of becoming a vampire for one night, only to discover that he bit one of his tormentors, and now the disease is spreading out of control. He must find a way to undo the curse, or sacrifice his life to save his town, and those he loves, from damnation.


  • Trumpet Grove – John Michael Trommel is an impulsive boy who misses the start of beginning band when his family breaks up and moves and he finds himself a whole month behind at the new school. He gets a second chance with help from a defunct jazz musician, but there are some lessons the old trumpeter can’t teach him. John must learn to make better choices, or he’ll blow it.